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Chinook & Coho Salmon Fishing Charter Prices

Based on 6 adult guests, for up to 4 hours $1150.00 tax 5 %. May 1st to August 31st. 


Salmon Trolling Special for April

6 adults or 2 adults and 4 kids under 16 years of age. Salmon fishing for up to 4 hours water time $950.00 includes tax. Advance Booking is Required.

Prawn & Crab Charter

4 crab traps and 6 prawn traps for up to 6 guests and up to 7 hours. $999.00 plus tax 5%.

Cod fishing Charter

Including 4 crab traps, up to 6 hours water time. For up to 6 guests, $950.00 plus tax 5%.

  1. Additional guests $150.00 each. Up to 10 guests maximum. Subject to the approval of the vessel Captain.
  2. We comply with D.F.O. in season changes to the fishing regulations. Government tax increases.
  3. The charter Captain reserve’s the right to cancel or change any charter based on mechanical issues with our vessel, poor weather, or other circumstances beyond their control.
  4. Charter prices are subject to change based on in season increases for fuel, or our operational costs such as permits, launch fees, or parking can cause the price to be increased.
  5. Federal tax GST is 5%.
  6. Hourly rate for the vessel “MY BABE TOO” and Captain $255.00 per hour, or by special quote.

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